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 Dark Soul HD Games Wallpaper 2013  - Picture 1

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Dark Souls Step Guide and Strategy 

 Northern Undead Asylum

You begin the game in corner of the a prison cell, accept your fate sour. But, it's not quite time yet. Grab the key that was dropped to the bottom and get out of cell. Navigate psychiatric hospital corridors, read the instructions which informs about the basic the game mechanics. Once you make it to the first page, light a bonfire to make a checkpoint.

Proceed through the large doors and into a Westchase where a massively demon awaits you. The massive demons is very difficult to kill without being Able to heal, but if you managing to pull it off you'll be rewarded with a strong hammer. If you are a beginners, for now just run by it. Light the next bonfire and grab the Small Leather Shield. Use the item to Defend order against the oncoming Arrows to as you press forward.

The final challenge is behind the gates prologue thin a white light. Before crossed the threshold, make sure to have your selected bottle and your melee weapon equipped.

You emerge from the gate on a ledge at the top of the corridor that houses the demon from before. Don't linger on the platform, or the Asylum Demon will smash the ground from under your feet. Drop down onto its head and attack as you're falling to deliver a sizable amount of damage before the battle even begins. At this point, use whichever weapon suits your character. As a Sorcerer, I quickly switched to my staff and began circle strafing the beast. Use the pillars as cover and fire off a Soul Arrow when you gain a bit distance. Take a swig of your flask when your health gets low and keep on chipping away at the boss.

Eventually you'll take him down and receive the Big Pilgrim's Key. Use it on the heavy set of double doors and progress up the cliff to finish off the prologue.