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Author: squidward #1

BioWare probably one of the developers of the game with a brilliant work. Besides always reap the success of its gaming publications, the Canadian game developer is also often criticized because often contain sex scenes in the game.

If you view some of the games that have appeared on the market it can not be denied. Through Mass Effect, BioWare shows scenes of intercourse between man and alien races. Cash, it also reaped controversy.

The next game titles are also always been a debate is Dragon Age: Origins. Games are not only displays a variety of scenes of violence, but also same-sex sex scenes.

Although Bioware has always been criticized but not cured, but instead continue to display a more exciting sex scenes. It is obtained on their latest game titled Mass Effect 2.

In the game BioWare indulgence in a variety of sex scenes again. Although still relatively 'safe', but it seems to be back fishing game controversy. As quoted from the Empire state gamer, Monday (25/1/2010).

Sex scene in Mass Effect 2 could occur between the main character, Commander Shephard with other figures such as Miranda Lawson, Subject Zero or Tali'Zorah.

Some scenes are leaked on the internet showing Shephard intercourse quite 'exotic'. Starting from stealing time in the engine room up like a man who jumped into a fight.

Mass Effect 2 Trailer